Seeking Redemptive Change


In Redemptive Coaching we seek to help position you for change/growth by guiding you in a Life of Worship for God and Gospel-Driven Sanctification. In doing so, you will step into examining and amending a pattern we all live--Worship…Identity…Desire…Satisfaction. This article is a brief overview of that pattern and the process by which you will seek redemptive change.

Our Inherent Make-up and Practice – Genesis 3:1-8

In Genesis 3:1-8 we first see this pattern and its movement away from God. In Eve’s conversation with Satan she believes lies about God (Gen. 2:16-17, 3:1-4) and in these lies she fails to see her true identity (Gen. 1:27, 3:5-6). Believing lies, holding to a false identity, her true needs become twisted into self-consuming desire (Gen. 3:6). Desire seeks satisfaction (Gen. 3:6). Void of God, lasting satisfaction fails and drives us further away from God (Gen. 3:6-8). In Romans 1:25 we are told what was at the core of these actions  ...for they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.

Worship…Identity…Desire…Satisfaction. This is the pattern and practice common to all.

·         Worship: what or whom I love and trust most.


·         Identity: who I believe I am based on what I worship.


·         Desire: what I want born of worship and identity.


·         Satisfaction: seeking to get what I want.


The Make-up and Developing Practice of the Redeemed in Christ

We, as believers in Jesus, follow the same pattern in our lives but now we are seeking change where we learn to live a life of worship for God as we walk in Gospel-Driven Sanctification.


·         Worship: loving and trusting God most.


·         Identity: living my true identity in Christ.


·         Desire: my true needs placed in God.


·         Satisfaction: finding fulfillment in Jesus



A Pattern for Seeking Redemptive Change

·         As God reveals where He seeks change/growth in your life, you will examine if there is any wrong thinking, negative emotions or hurtful behaviors which have lead to seeking               satisfaction in harmful ways.


·         Understanding your actions leads to their origin which is the heart (Proverbs 4:23). You will evaluate your desires/needs and discover the underlying God-given need.


·         Based on your pattern of satisfaction and desire, you will determine how you have viewed yourself as compared to your true identity in Christ.


·         In this prayerful examination you will discern who or what you are loving and trusting     most in the area you are seeking change.


·         Partnering with God, you will develop a plan to carry out redemptive change in your life.