Coaching couples begins with each of you examining your relationship with God. Whatever you are facing we believe it is always vertical (between God and you) before it is horizontal (between others/issues and you).

 We believe that the lasting change you are seeking is only found with God at the core of your life. We build a relationship with you to strengthen your relationship with God. Our guidance can take different forms of relationship: coaching, friendship, mentoring, discipleship. Though I have graduate work in counseling, we are not counselors. If what you are facing requires profession counseling we can offer referrals while still providing coaching support. If your spouse is not able/willing to attend, you can enter into individual coaching.

 Our primary intent is to coach you in your relationship with God. You will uniquely discover and develop four areas: Worship, Identity, Desire and Satisfaction.


 General Direction in Couple Coaching

 We believe that God’s primary purpose for marriage is to create the most important (human) relationship in making us more like Jesus (Genesis 2:24-25, Ephesians 5:22-33). Here we join a couple in a fourfold journey:

 1. Individual coaching to build your relationship with God.

 2. Finding a foundation for new directions in the forgiveness of Christ.

 3.  Building upon this foundation a redemptive pathway of mutual trust.

 4. As trust grows, gaining what is needed to join God in meeting your mate’s needs.


 We will evaluate the process after 6 weeks. If things are not progressing we may suggest that you seek biblical counseling or other help more suited for you need.